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Blessed are the peacemakers...

You can only have peace with someone so long as they want it. It’s important that we see who He gave that priority too. He didn't give this responsibility to politicians, doctors, judges, or presidents. There isn't any church order or council of men that can effect real peace either. God saves us and has called us to a very special calling. We are to restore the world to a peace that the world knows nothing about and to a people who really don't want the kind of peace Jesus is talking about. Look at our nation riches country in the world yet, there is no personal peace. Mental, emotional problems and anxiety all strike at the hearts of most Americans today even many professing Christians. There's no family peace, no school peace, no world peace as we all know. The truth of the matter is the reason for all of this is because there's no peace in the heart. Jeremiah 17:9 “and the world is wicked and all men are wicked, deceitful above all things and desperately wicked” and because the heart is wicked and knows no peace it simply projects itself into all of its relationships. If there was a time that we truly needed peacemakers, it is today! And they can't come from the world because the world is full of hearts that have no peace, and you cant give peace to someone else, if you don't have peace within themselves.

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