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Courage: Virtue of the Christian

I want to take about a characteristic that is no longer one of importance not just in our culture but also in the American church today. This is a very important issue that has been distorted today and that is “strength”

I want to talk about, strength. We can call it fortitude or courage, but the best word is strength. If you have competed in any type of sports or even just in keeping our bodies healthy, we know the importance of strength. We know that in order to reach our full potential we must have strength. Boxers and athletes work hard to continue growing strength. This is so true of life inside the church. In order for the church to function faithfully and fully we as individuals also must have courage and strength. So what does this strength look like in the church according to God? In a nutshell we are talking about courage. What does courage look like…“Men hold opinions but convictions hold a man!”

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